What We Do

We care for your horses in the comfort of their own stables.

Our Services


Mucking out

Rug check and change

Turnout and in

Water change

Administer medications

Property check – bins out – mail lifted – pets fed

Field, fence and gate checks

Attendance for farrier/dentist/vet

What do we charge?

Our charges are based on up to two visits per day to your premises and are designed to cover the cost of our travel time and our time spent in your yard. The closer you are to your nearest horse sitter, and the less you need done, the lower the cost will be. 

Set out below is an indication of our typical charges, based on a client who is at least half an hour away from us and needs us for an hour per day.  

We tailor our charges to your individual needs so please contact us so that we can provide a quote specific to you. 


£ 25 / Day
  • Up to £25 per day for the first horse and £10 for each additional horse
  • This covers two visits per day to feed, check/change water, check/change rug(s), gate and perimeter check


£ 15 / Day
  • Up to £15 per day for the first two horses and £5 per additional two horses
  • This covers one visit per day to feed, check/change water, check/change rug(s), gate and perimeter check


£ 10 Hour
  • We offer special rates for yards with five or more horses. This is aimed at clients with busy livery or competition yards, who need cover for sick or absent grooms/yard help.
£ 10 Hour
  • We can hold your horse for the farrier, clipper, or the vet if you are not able to be there. This is charged by the hour.

Mileage is FREE for visits to premises up to 10 miles from your nearest sitter. We charge 25p per mile for premises beyond the 10-mile radius.

As our business grows and as we employ more horse sitters across the province, the mileage charge will disappear as we hope you will never be more than ten miles away from any horse sitter!

365 - 24/7

We can help you any day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays, provided we have an available horse sitter.  Please note that we may charge a little more on bank holiday dates. 

Contact us for a quote and to book our services.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to make sure we are available!